Saturday, 26 September 2015

Why Recycling at the Office Makes Sense

Most people are accustomed to recycling household trash, and it’s easy to put your plastics and aluminum in a bin to place on the curb once a week; however, many businesses have never considered a recycling program because they never analyzed the benefits. Here are some surprising facts that show how valuable this practice can be to a business.

1.       Recycling is cheaper than waste management.

If you are throwing out a lower volume of trash than before, you can get a discount on waste management services. The company that removes your trash for you may even be able to find a market for you to sell your recycled materials. Employees develop a sense of thrift from recycling and often stop carelessly using supplies, which also improves your bottom line.

2.       Protect confidentiality.

When your business documents are shredded and baled for recycling, you can rest easy knowing no one is dumpster diving for your company’s trade secrets. Recycling companies can provide special bins with limited access to further protect this information.

3.       Polish your image.

Going green is not only popular, but your clients and employees will hold you in higher regard. By reducing pollution and waste, you display conscientiousness and responsibility. It boosts morale in the workplace because employees like to be associated with programs that have social benefits.

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